Do justice.   Love mercy.   Walk humbly with God.   They are all connected. 

As we take one aspect of our faith more seriously, it leads us to consider how we act in all parts of our lives.   Discipleship is about how we put our faith into practice.   It’s about learning more.  It’s about praying more.   It’s about following the way of Jesus more deliberately and attentively.

Here you will find worship resources, prayer resources, discussion materials and others.   We hope that they help make and reinforce the connections that makes our faith a lively, compassionate, informed and active faith.


External Resources

Uniting Church in Australia's 2013 Federal Election Resource, A Just Society 

National Council of Churches in Australia 2013 Social Justice Sunday Resource, Social Justice Matters: What does the Lord require of you? 


More resources

Here are a list of other relevant resources: